Thursday, July 21, 2005

down the rabbit hole...

So here I am, starting this blog, about to travel abroad to Florence to study architecture (beginning in September). I hope to log and converse about my travels as I wayfind Firenze and Italia... this blog might in some ways be a wayfinding journey itself! Enjoy!

(P.S. I first became involved with planning, architecture, future visioning much through the exploration of "wayfinding". Wayfinding -- the act of journeying and wandering to learn one's environs -- is of course an apt, romantic metaphor for life, and a very elegant one especially given the landscape of the UCSC campus in which I've spent much time pondering. (The book that first influenced me about wayfinding is Wayfinding in Architecture by Romedi Passini. The book is out of print but hunt libraries and interlibary loan; it is a critically important work... and a lot of fun to read!))