Sunday, March 11, 2007


"the machine" is a metaphor.

the machine is highly useful.

the machine existed before we created machines.

the machine can also be described as the ecology of the organism.

the Earth is a machine.

a human, for example, is a machine.

we are the machine.

but without the machine of our make, we know less of the machine to be a part.

whether it be infrastructure, food, happiness, government, city, home, body, religion, idol, language, image, time, space.

our gift to make the machine, in return makes us.

we can "program" or "direct" the machine.

but we cannot be free of the "program" or "direction" of the machine.

it is our existence, it is our reality.

but machines do break.

and so do we.

but does the machine of which we are a part, and in which we may make, break if we do?

(c) M. Waxman 2007

we need a new paradigm for development.

we need a new paradigm for development.

what will it look like? what form will it take? what will its history be? what will its consequence lead?

who will live there? people? other animals? plants? bugs? fungii?

what will those inhabitants sustain their lives on -- in the ways of fundamental basics, and in more enhanced ways?

what will people listen to? how will they communicate? how will they see? how will they see each other?

will the people love themselves? will they love their families? how about their neighbors... within the boundaries of their life? within the boundaries of their world, their city, their village, their quartier of life, their context?

how will they feel good about life? how will they hate life? what will make them smile? what will make them cry?

what will the people vision -- what will they see for their hopes and dreams?

when will they crumble and fall? when will they falter and repeat mistakes from the past?

what will make people, people? what will make life, life? what will make the birth of a child special? what will make the death of a living creature special?

what will the sound of rain be? what will the feeling of falling in love be like? what will the touch of sun on the skin be?

will I be alive to see this world?

will I be around to contribute?

will the past have led to the future?

or will the future be determined by changes in its past?

who is my grandson?

will he know me, know my name, know the world? will he desire to know? how will he envision a new paradigm for development?

(c) M. Waxman 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Watch Second Life fantasies from Real Life!

Watch Second Life fantasies from Real Life!

What glory and freedom money can buy! THIS is the American Dream!

I want to be a sports star. AT&T HomeTurf's "See How They Live" shows me what real living is --

Why would most people want to create something new in SL when the best of life is totally real, just waiting to be imitated? ...only a dream away?

see your fav players' homes, and "See How They Live" --

Watch football star Deion Sanders keep an eye on his kids (who are somewhere in his sprawling mega-mansion) via bedside CCTV monitors, and go from room to room using a motorized mobility scooter (the kind usually used by elderly and the handicapped)! And with so many cars, it's not like the point is for him to drive them anyway!

Watch Camilo Villegas mix and match beautiful and bright colored golf-clothes outfits with the assistance of an ever-present old-man caddy!

See Deion kick-it with football star A.J. Hawk in his beautiful kitchen, where his model-esque wife "Mrs. Hawk" smiles and bakes cookies! A.J. lives at a golf course, so when a golfer is caught lining up for a putt on A.J.'s deck, it's only natural for A.J. to literally pick the guy up and throw him over the railing!

And there's nothing like spraying fake snow in front of your house just to kick a football, and take a pic of the snowy action with a RAZR camera-phone -- Adam Vinatieri shows us how it's done!

And of course, AT&T makes the best of life -- chillin' and watchin' AT&T Dish Network on the giant flatscreen, browsin' the internet in bed, snappin' shots of you and fav sports stars with a RAZR -- possible.

it's been good and it's been real. First-rate living isn't only for second-order reality.

As AT&T says, "you need speed to score!" (hey, that's true for SL, too!)

(c) M. Waxman 2007