Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The world is a warped virtuality, such that it stretches, bends, folds, tears, and ripples into a construction known as reality.

The "subterranean void" in Mars' surface that has an unknown and undetectable depth -- what unknowns there are, what perplexing unrealities are hidden but ripe within the true fabric of the universe!

It's kind of late, about 11:51pm and I'm sitting at the computer. My nose is starting to run and the portion of my hand closest to my pinky-finger feels warm and stingy-like. My right knee feels a little tight somewhere inside underneath the knee-cap towards the right side. I'm thinking about my body. I don't really understand my body. I'm thinking about my mind, I can control how my body moves and what I put inside of it and how I maintain it. I think in English and can think in other abstractions. I can think in multiple layers of thought and imagine imagery of various three-dimensional contortions that represent or warp my understandings of reality outside of me, but I don't really understand my mind. That's easier to consider than to admit, but so very true. How does the body and mind work beyond what I know?


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