Monday, June 16, 2008

To shape change into relationships

One of the great abilities of people is our ability to see and build relationships between things. Whether abstractly -- crossing through immateriality, referencing the invisible -- or concretely -- touching the material world, felt and interacting formally with the air -- our ability for relationships is one of our greatest skills. We are still learning this art, slowly. We can building relationships with other people, with places, with objects, with ideas, with memories... these are the things of the landscape of life. To get to know the landscape, one doesn't need to exploit it.

The element of a relationship is never lost, it is never won, but rather it is a process of 'how,' much like the question of 'change.' For change is a dynamic static. And a relationship is never beyond its finish, nor permanently before its commencement. But these states are also always present, like an idea forged in the mind and manifested with skill into reality, thus ideally expressing in the next stage a deeper immateriality. People mold change into relationships; this is our human genius. Change being our material, with relationships the most primal and potent of our sculpture.

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