Tuesday, November 28, 2006

gazprom/otion city

Mega-architecture with thumping statements vibrating like the presence of a triumphal-arch.

Gazprom City, a new business complex likely to be built in Saint Petersberg, Russia. It has much local opposition (including the local architects' union and the director of the Hermitage Museum). Some say its innappropriate. Some say it will even ruin the skyline. But Gazprom, the state energy company, has connections and support from up top.

A very interesting case of development, and a very interesting case of opposition.

The New York Times reports on it here: "Russian Window on the West Reaches for the Sky"

See more images here on the Gazprom website: http://www.gazprom-city.info/competition/projects

Personally, I really like Jean Nouvell's design. Makes me think of a climbing tower of babel mixed with Russion constructivism (hence reminiscent of the Tatlin Tower), and an air of transparency and elemental exposure relevant to the developing cultural narratives and themes of our time.