Thursday, February 01, 2007

"family future lives past"

little girl, i'm your son.
you don't know me, and won't now meet me.
little girl, i'm your love.
you're my mother and your future awaits me.

young man, i'm your grandson.
you look handsome, just like me.
young man, you haven't yet met me.
you're my grandad and your smiles await me.

old man, we won't ever meet.
i'm your great grandson, you can't ever know.
old man, i recognize your feet.
you tap 'em like your son, and i tap 'em like you.

we're lost in the middle of time.
we're part of so much and yet only ourselves.
if it weren't for so many, i wouldn't be here.
there are so many family - of the past - maybe the future
and yet i know they're so near.

(c) M.Waxman 2007