Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the marshall's

Tonight I took a few moments to surf blogs on Blogger via the "next blog" button. What came next was "The Marshall's," a blog apparently written by someone (who I guess, by reading every entry is a man) recanting in bullet-point style the main events of each day since December 23rd, 2006. It's extremely fascinating just reading these simple details written by this person from Arizona... he went to sleep, watched 24, played monopoly with his son, got through work, watched football, spent time with his wife, ate dinner and desert... I wonder if he wonders anyone is reading his story:

Spending time reading other people’s blogs is very interesting and telling about the human condition, that deep inside we all have passions, for instance. Each passion is different for each person, just as are our differences in body and identity. Along the same lines, at work today, during my lunch break while taking a walk, I saw a gym teacher running alone around the field on her prep period – her passion is to be active and to run, I presumed. She has a great job and must be very happy!

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